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Protective Swimwear from Tuga

Can y’all believe how fast this year is speeding by? I can’t! Spring has sprung and summer is swiftly on it’s heels. My school age people are SO ready for some lazy summer days (their mama’s pretty stoked for some homework free days too!). Summer brings lots of fun however to much fun in the sun can bring dire consequences. Tuga knows this and has some fantastic options to allow us to soak in the rays without the rays soaking into us!



As spring break came to a close here in the Carolinas, we took our two older boys to an amusement park. It was the hottest day of the year (of course šŸ˜‰ ) but I wasn’t worried about their noses peeling the next day.Ā  Want to know why? I had the Stream 2 Sea sunscreen.Ā  This sunscreen worked fantastic! We applied at the car before we went in noone got sunburnt – AT ALL!


This is some great stuff. (Just a word to the wise… just a dab will do ya’! I put way to much in my boys hands and we actually had to wipe it back off.) The best part of this sunscreen is their commitment to keep our bodies and our planet safe!

Providing EcoConscious, Biodegradable sunscreen and body careĀ products that reduceĀ the impact cosmetic ingredients are havingĀ on our planetā€™s waters.

UPF 50+ Swimwear:

What exactly is UPF 50…? Read on:

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and is a rating system to indicate the UV (Ultraviolet) protection provided by fabrics. UPF measures how much of the sunā€™s UV radiation is absorbed or ā€œblockedā€ by fabric, effectively protecting the skin underneath. Garments that are rated UPF 50+ offer excellent UV protection. Tuga swimwear and accessories (the complete SunBusters line and PlayaPup rash guards and hats as well) are rated UPF 50+.
Sun hats
Tuga has this fantastic swimwear for the whole family. They have some super cute things for the kids and some great options for mom and dad too. You can get sun hats, rash guards, swim shorts… and just about anything else you need for safe sun play from Tuga!

Tuga Swimwear for Girls

My kids loved their Tuga swimwear. I got the princess a swim shirt & board shorts and the boys each got a swim shirt! As you can imagine, they’re anxious to try them all out at Grandma’s pool in the very near future!
Ā boys swim shirts

Go here and let me know which style is your favorite!

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  1. I had never heard of UPF. Interesting.

  2. Sally Gearhart says:

    Wow, so many cute suits, hats and i really love the coverups! I’m not a swimsuit person, i just don’t feel comfortable in them but the swim shorts and swim shirts are perfect for me and they are cute!

  3. This is awesome !! The swimwear is fashionable too ,love the hat! Great when a company shows concern for the environment

  4. Protection from the sun is SO important. Skin cancer runs in my family so we are very careful. Southern CA is a bright, sunny place and we love it here. However, we need to be extra careful because of the sun’s damaging rays.

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