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My daughter’s birthday is coming up next month so I went to my best resource for tween birthday party theme ideas and that was YOU my readers! I asked for some ideas on our Facebook page and the amazing ideas just kept coming. You all are fantastic and so creative I loved all of the ideas so I thought I should share them with everyone as they’re too good not to share! You can see all the original comments HERE!

I had what I think is a great idea for loot bags! I’ve put in an order for some fun jewelry from Amazon that were ALL $1 or less each and included FREE shipping! You can check out that jewelry round up HERE but they include pieces like the one below which is only $0.99 each with FREE shipping!

peacock hair jewelry

I also thought I’d share what we did for the last two parties as they were both a hit! We’ve got lots of ideas for a tween birthday for girls!

  1. Last year for her  birthday we did a Scavenger Hunt in the neighborhood, marshmallow roast, hoola hoop contest, pinata and more it was lots of fun! You can read more about that fun party HERE. Oh yes the girls also “slept over” although no sleeping was really involved lol
  2. The year before that it was all about the pampering! I had twelve girls at the house and they got manicures and make-up done and we created individual & personalized memory books for them which they LOVED. As well all the girls signed and decorated a party memory board that my daughter still has hanging on her bedroom wall! You can read about that one HERE.  There are also some pics below from these parties check it out! This was one tween birthday theme that they will always remember

Tween Birthday Party Themes

Now for the tween birthday party ideas that you all contributed your thoughts!

  1. A scavenger hunt. The clues we for them to guess a theme which they had to use to decorate a cookie… Which was a contest! They voted on the best cookie, and the winner got an iTunes gift card! We did 3 rounds.
  2.  Tie and dye shirts for a party. The girls also enjoyed planning to wear their shirts to school on the same days. Then they all made pizzas and played Wii dance.
  3. Decorate 5×7 picture frames with fun stuff like buttons,shells,old broken jewelry,beads, whatever.Then take pictures of them making their frame,or with your daughter and print them out on your computer. so they have a keepsake and a memory to take home.
  4. 50s sock hop
  5. Make fresh fruit arrangements with all the melons and grapes berries use cookie cutters for design and get a small pal or basket cut a piece of foam and put fruit on a skewers
  6. Pizza party and video games/slumber party for a tween birthday party idea
  7. Jewelry making party
  8. Movie party…flake out to watch a movie (sleep over) and pig out on pizza and junk food, with maybe a pancake (at home) breakfast…easy peasy for adults and the kids can just chill out with their bffs!
  9. Instead of candy in the pinata use little girl type make up…like lip gloss and little perfume samples (get ahold of your Avon lady)…..
  10. Fear factor created gross food and had a contest who could eat it! also punt hand in boxes and had to feel thru worms aka noodles with marbles in it! different things like that- created gross obstacle course
  11. Craft party for my daughter, and whatever the girls make are their favors!
  12. Get a karaoke machine and have them all come as their favorite singer. They will have fun imitating their faves and singing. Get some small autograph books and they can all sign each others as “stars.” Make fun mini appetizers, get plastic champagne glasses and sparkling grape juice. Provide sunglasses and lots of costume jewelry. As a balancer, ask each of them to bring a canned good for your local food pantry!
  13. Buffet Party . The girls have to make up the buffet and even better if its for ice cream sundaes.
  14. Have each tween bring pics from home and do scrapbooking.
  15. Set-up your own photo booth experience for them by getting a bunch of props, photo frames, things/areas for a background. Have each of them bring different stuff to dress up in and take all kinds of silly/fun photos. Then have them create what will be a scrap book that they can then print the photos out and put them in to remember the night. Not like 20 pages, but you know, something small/fun for a keepsake. You could buy cardstock for them to bind together and put scrapbooking stuff on it, write on it with fun pens/markers, stickers, etc.
  16. Zombie apocalypse – with nerf guns.
  17. Playing good old fashioned Bingo! With prizes!
  18. Karaoke and pizza make the purses and movies that should keep them busy and if they run out of stuff give them the wii with dance revolution
  19. I went to the dollar store and bought make up and made them put it on without mirrors … the best job wins. Also we had wooden laundry pins and certain words could get yours taken (kind of like at a baby shower, if you say baby they take your pin) they clipped them to the edge of their shirts and this went on for the whole party…. The girls couldnt say Oh My God or OMG , they couldnt say Right? I just made things up that I thought the girls might say and wrote them on the laundry clips.
  20. Rockstar -blow up guitars, karaoke, etc
  21. Fashion- Fashion show, fancy clothes or trendy clothes 
  22. Tie dye shirts/pillows/sheets. Put the dye in ice cube trays and freeze. When doing it place the ice on the fabric and move it arou d as it melts to creat crazy patterns
  23. Night at the Movies…. they cant say popcorn, movies etc.. Get old school movies like 16 candles or something age appropriate.
  24. Pink Party! Rent a cotton candy machine! Have pink lemonade in frosty glasses. Pink pajamas. Different shades of pink polish manicures. Add different little touches here and there so they don’t feel to much like frosting.
  26. We did a cupcake fondue / sleepover party with a movie and popcorn and for a craft made homemade lip gloss.
  27. Things to do: buy colored cool socks, for girls. Have them put socks on & trace foot on cardboard, cut it out & plCe inside sock bottom. Buyfabric paint which comes in squeezable bottles & they can decorate the socks with patterns on the bottom of the sock ( fish, squiggles, circles)
  28. Candle making! YOu can make glimmer candles, using Pink Zebra Sprinkles! Pick a few cartons of her favorite scents or colors!
  29. Girls try to decorate cupcakes into high heel shoes
  30. Swimming, lazer tag, amusement park.
  31. Luau theme, also someone mentioned pizza, you can also use English muffins as the base and let the girls make thee own, honestly they are going to have to have lots of activities as the excitement will be flowing greatly so perhaps start with a craft. Such as making perfume, body scrub etc, then you could do make overs, then hair, have them dress up, fashion show, followed by singing and then pizza, movie with popcorn.
  32. A picture hunt. Find items, take pics with kids in it being silly. Have a everyone review the silly pics and have a good laugh.
  33. A letter writing or card writing day. Thank you cards to Vets, friends, and family for whatever they can be thankful for being, or having?!

Have more tween birthday party theme ideas? feel free to comment below! To find out which teen birthday party ideas have been a hit with my girl CHECK OUT the following articles on tween birthday party ideas!

Tween birthday party ideas that were a hit!

Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens

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  1. Pauline Gorczycki says:

    I’m trying to comment on the soy candles giveaway. But it brought ME to this i hope your able to found me. AND THIS COMMENT. I WOULD LOVE THE BERRY CANDLES THEY SMELL SO SWEET. LIKE I WANT To eat them. Powered by mom i hope you found THIS

  2. some great ideals

  3. For my daughters birthday she wanted a glow in the dark theme. We bought neon poster boards and posted them all over the house with games and sign in sheets. We had all kinds of glow sticks and accessories for the kids to wear and I filled the pinata with candy and glow in the dark items. We broke it at night with a strobe light going. We had an ice cream bar and all kinds of games and fun.

  4. Amber Nara says:

    Thank You for all the the theame and ideas! I am really cutting time short I have a daughter turning 13 on Jan 3rd and I had no clue what to do. LOTS of great ideas here 😉 Thank You

  5. Great ideas!!! Look like so much fun!! 🙂

  6. I like the candle making idea. You can get very creative with that for not too much $$.

  7. Julie Fields says:

    Excellent Ideas! I can’t wait to try some of these.

  8. Rachel Beltz says:

    I really love a lot of these!! Like I would have never thought of filling a pinata with little girl beauty samples! Also, the cheap jewelry from amazon is an amazing idea for party favors! A lot of that jewelry is actually really nice (:

  9. These are such great ideas!!!! My favorite would have to be #24!!! Of course I would have a Purple Party because I am a Baltimore Ravens fan and purple is the best color!!! LOL

  10. i like the jewerly party idea.

  11. Jessica Keeton says:

    What great ideas. These are not only fun, but these parties will be remembered. These are great parties for someone no matter what age. Love Love Love. Thinking about doing a few of these great themed parties this year for both of my daughters.

  12. Christina Graham says:

    Great ideas! I want to do a bunch already…a movie-themed party would be cute. Maybe watch Clue and then host a murder mystery.

  13. myra decaire says:

    Thanks for all of the awesome ideas!!!!!!

  14. Michael Douglas says:

    Great ideas. I perform magic shows for kids parties each week and the Tween years can be more challenging at times. I’ll pass this great post along to my tribe. Thanks.

  15. Great ideas!

  16. peggy fedison says:

    wow wow thank you sooooo much for this review!! its great and chock fulla ideas!! my grandaughter will be 12 and my daughter is going crazy for ideas for a bday party for her!! this helped soooo much! what great ideas! thank you thank you

  17. Roseanne A says:

    Thank you for the great ideas! My daughter will be turning 13 in November and I will definitely read this over again!

  18. Nelda Gay says:

    I was so happy that you posted all of these fabulous ideas! It has helped me tremendously. Thank you again!!!

  19. You have some awesome party ideas!

  20. Karen Glatt says:

    What a lot of great ideas for a birthday party. I like the scavenger hunt, making your own jewelry. But playing bingo and having a Slumber party sounds like the best!

  21. Wow that is a lot of good ideas for having a party. Thanks for all the time you put in to the list.

  22. Peggy Humbracht says:

    Wonderful ideas and very entertaining ideas. Thank you.

  23. Robert Arnott says:

    Thanks i need all the help i can get.

  24. Heather Howard says:


  25. Wow! You sure got a lot of ideas to work with. Thanks for the post. I’m sure it’s helped a lot of people!

  26. Tiffany Dover says:

    Such great ideas! I have a friend who is looking for ideas just like these so I will be passing the link to this page onto her! Thanks!

  27. christina flynn says:

    Great ideas! Thank you for the advice! I will be using this in the future!

  28. I remember around 11 or 12 years old having a scavenger hunt and a sleep over. It was great fun.

  29. These are some great ideas! Most of these are things that make me wonder why I never I thought of them. Thanks for all the great ideas. I am helping with my nieces birthday next month so this is some great inspiration. 🙂

  30. Really cool ideas! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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