Udderly Smooth Lotion, Hand and Body Cream Review

Udderly Smooth Lotion, Hand and Body Cream Review

Developed in Salem, Ohio by registered pharmacist Bill Kennedy, the made in the USA lotions and creams have been a family tradition for three generations. This family business makes lotions and creams that originally were meant for dairy cattle. They ended up being so good, they started using them for humans too. All Udderly Smooth products are rich and creamy and perfect for the dry chapped skin we get in the winter!

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An Udderly Huge Sampling of Goodies!

Udderly Smooth

Body lotions and Creams

Body Cream

The hand and body lotion with Aloe and Vitamin E is great. It almost feels greasy, and is a bit runny, but soaks in super quick and does not leave your hands feeling greasy at all! A little bit goes a LONG way! The body cream is much thicker; more like a body butter. It is luxuriously smooth and creamy. It too does not seem to linger on the surface very long, it gets soaked right in. I moisturize regularly and it still soaks in and leaves my skin very soft. The cream does not have much of a scent, which is okay. The aloe one has a light fresh scent. Now any of these are okay to use pretty much anywhere you need moisturization.

What’s great is that these Udderly Smooth formulas plus their Extra Care 20 are recommended for use to oncology patients. Patients going through chemo and/or radiation can use the unscented creams to take care of their damaged skin. They also contain urea to help combat hand-foot syndrome which often plagues patients going through these treatments.

Lotions and Creams for Hands and Feet

Body Cream

There are so many hand creams! It’s hard to decide which one to use. The original formula is a bit thicker than the other three and is unscented like the body cream. I’m saving the Aloe and Vitamin E cream for summer, so help sooth those inevitable summer sunburns. The Shea Butter cream is super hydrating. I put some on my hands that felt ashy and dry and they felt great the whole rest of the day. The Vitamin E is great around the cuticles for my hangnails that appear in winter. The three additional formulas all have a light scent, but nothing strong or overpowering.

The foot cream is thick and slick. I even did the “slide test” with it. I have hardwood floors, but my feet are in desperate need of care. So I rub on some foot cream. And I immediately walk across the floor. NO slide! It soaks right in like the rest of the formulas! It also contains Shea Butter so it’s also super hydrating. I’ve been applying it a couple times a day in addition to exfoliating with a pumice stone, and my feet are in great condition now.

In Conclusion

Body Cream

I cannot wait to hand out samples to my friends and family. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t complain at some point of dry winter skin. So far my skin is staying soft and supple, thanks to these lotions and creams. The ingredients lists are all short and to the point. I’m a little disappointed to see parabens still being used in them, I assume as preservatives. These days there are so many healthier ways of adding preservatives, but maybe they don’t work in this established formula. That said, they are at the end of the ingredients list and so not very much of them are in the creams.

If you want a soothing, hydrating, and nourishing lotion and cream that your whole family can use, you really can’t go wrong with Udderly Smooth.  They are pleasant to use. They soak in quick and leave no oily residue. And my skin looks and feels great.


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  1. Patti Kirk says:

    I knew about the Udderly Smooth original, but had no idea that there was such an extensive line of products. The shea butter hand cream sounds like what I need for my hands.

  2. Shea butter foot cream looks likeit would provide relief to dry cracked feet. I love that this product is Made in the USA. I also like that some of the packaging has pumps for easy use.

  3. Shea butter foot cream looks likeit would provide Relief to dry cracked feet. I love that this product is Made in the USA.

  4. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    he hand and body lotion with Aloe and Vitamin E is great. It almost feels greasy, and is a bit runny, but soaks in super quick and does not leave your hands feeling greasy … this great to know

  5. I have never tried Udderly Smooth, but I want to after reading your review. I have super dry skin and need a good lotion

  6. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    Shea Butter Foot Cream would be good for my dry feet, knees, and elbows.

  7. susan smoaks says:

    udderly smooth works and I am a big fan. i didn’t know they had so many different products. these are all terrific i am sure of it.

  8. Jessica H. says:

    I love Udderly Smooth, I buy the small ones to keep in my purse in the winter. I would love to try their foot cream!

  9. Kathy Davis says:

    I learned that these lotions and creams were originally meant for for dairy cattle.

  10. Judy Schechter says:

    I learned that these creams and lotions were developed in Salem, Ohio by registered pharmacist Bill Kennedy. And that the lotions and creams were originally meant for dairy cattle! I’d love to try these!

  11. Nicole Bradley says:

    I could really use some! This breastfeeding momma is a peely& dried out& worn thin fron the florida sun! We most definitely would but all these to good use.

  12. I get really dry hands and arms in the winter so I would like to try this product line out. The ingredients are great.

  13. Susan Broughton says:

    I have always heard good things about this brand of lotion. I have always wanted to give it a try, this review had a lot of good information about the product. I especially like that the formulas are absorbed very quickly and easily.

  14. Janelle Inlow says:

    As a nurse, I wash my hands multiple times a day! I have been using Udderly smooth for years with much relief!

  15. Jessica W. says:

    During the winter, my hands and skin are so dry. This product would be perfect for me!

  16. I have used their products for years and I love the great review. I have never had a reaction to them and use it on my face too! No greasy residue or awful smell. My favorite!

  17. Great Review and loved how you did the slide test.. I have tried a few of the products but will expand on them now that I have seen a true review on all the products

  18. Michelle S says:

    I used a few of the products from this brand. Their products rock! I love, love, love the foot cream.

  19. This is an Uderly awesome gift pack!

  20. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Udderly products, the body cream sounds great.

  21. leisl gering says:

    I like that you stated the formulas are absorbed very quickly and easily. Makes me more willing to try these out.

  22. Sherri Kidwell (Lynne) says:

    I love the products especially the hand cream, it only take a little to keep your hand smooth and soft. I hope to try more of the products later.

  23. I had use Udderly Smooth years ago and loved it. I should start using it again.

  24. Rachael Petty says:

    I think the Hydrating Hand Cream would be great for my hands, especially during the Winter season.

  25. I would be interested if the aloe would help my mom’s hands. She gets these sores from cracked skin every winter that just hurt her so bad. I wondered if aloe would help kind of like it is supposed to help with sunburns. If I win, I’ll give her that one to try.

  26. I am really looking forward to trying these products.

  27. Marge Wisniewski says:

    I would love to try all the items – this review has been a great help!

  28. I’ve used Udderly Smooth, but for some reason it’s been a while. We always used it at my grandma’s. She lived in the town over from Salem. She loved this for her hands. I didn’t realize all the variety of products they have now.

  29. Kyona Sirico says:

    I’ve never tried these products but have always looked at them at the store wanting to buy them. I didn’t realize it was a family company that’s been around so long. It’s great that they have so many different lotions especially for hands because mine are so dry from the cold.

  30. crystal allen says:

    i have used the Udderly Smooth hand cream before but it has been a long time. I love that this packages covers from your hands to your feet!

  31. Janice Dalmazzi says:

    Thank you for the excellent review, I am amazed to see that there are products especially designed for chemo/radiation patients. I do like their products so I will spread the word about the Extra Care 20 line, just wish I had known sooner as my best friend just completed her radiation treatments and it sounds like it would have been quite beneficial for her.

  32. All their creams sound good. I especially need the foot cream.

  33. My feet could use the foot cream. Poor feet….

  34. I used the original before & liked it. I would like to try some of the others out. The foot cream sounds wonderful.

  35. Marilyn Nawara says:

    Sounds like fantastic stuff — like that it has a light scent.

  36. I like that it is fast absorbing. And how could you ever forget the name?

  37. It’s so cool how Udderly Smooth came to be, such a fun story.

  38. amy guillaume linderman says:

    i never knew these were developed in salem, ohio right near my sister! i hear people recommened this brand all the time and am so anxious to try it!

  39. Laurie Nykaza says:

    Shea Butter cream is super hydrating. & the Aloe and Vitamin E Body and Hand Lotion sounds amazing to help out my hands arms and feet get so dry in the winter months love to try all there products.

  40. I have never tried udderly smooth! But now I am totally tempted!

  41. It claims that this product Udderly Smooth is great for dried and chapped skin in the winter. This is what I could definitely use.

  42. Sarah Oswald says:

    I’ve heard this a good brand but I’ve never tried it before but I would love to try it to see how great it is.

  43. shannon fowler says:

    Ive heard about this brand before, but I had forgotten about it. Their products sound amazing. I really want to give them a try.

  44. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’ve never tried their products before but they sound awesome! I would love to try their hand cream especially with the colder weather – my hands get so dry!

  45. I love that this is made in the USA! I love supporting companies that are family started and glad to hear that this has been around for a few generations! I can use a “stronger”, thicker lotion for the colder, winter months.

  46. I have heard and read so many positive things about Udderly Smooth. Can’t wait to try all the formulas. I wish more stores near me carried the brand.

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