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Why do I want to talk about flooring? Why not? πŸ™‚ Β I love seeing a house come together when updating and renovating it and the things that people do to make the home their own. For our house when we bought it 11 years ago, my daughter was only three months old and we had two very big dogs and two cats. For us it was extremely important to select and install flooring that would stand up to the dogs and help reduce allergens in the air as I’m allergic to dust.

We decided to go with laminate flooringΒ in 80% of the house with marble and tiles in our bathrooms and linoleum in our small downstairs kitchen that is used more like a wine and coffee bar area as it’s off our family/entertainment room where we watch movies and get cozy by the fireplace. I’m so glad we went with the laminate flooring! It’s held up very well, it’s easy to clean and unlike carpeting it doesn’t hold dust and dirt and who knows what else.

Our laminate flooring has survived two dogs 100lbs+, numerous people, cats and so much more I’m amazed it still looks as good as it does. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the linoleum we installed as it has not fared as well. So we are now looking to replace it and as you can imagine my top choice is laminate flooring which works very well in kitchens. We have it in our main kitchen so we know how well it does in there.

The only problem with selecting laminate flooring is that now there are so many colors to choose from and I like so many of those colors! Even though the rest of our laminate flooring doesn’t need replacing I would love some new flooring because I love these colors, I’m leaning towards a dark cherry as the rest of the house is a light colored flooring. Lately the rich, deep colors have been catching my eye. I wonder if I can convince my husband to do more than one room πŸ™‚

What kind of flooring to you have in your home or what kind would you like to have? Feel free to comment we love hearing from people!


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  1. I live part-time with my daughter and her family and part- time with my son and his family. My daughter has laminate throughout her house and my son has hardwood in his house. He needs to get rid of the carpet in my room as it is the only one with carpet but must save in order to do so. But we are generally of the opinion that carpet keeps dirt in no matter how often you vacuum and clean the carpet. So, we love the laminate and hardwoods. We think it is healthier for us.

  2. We have pergo throughout our living room and kitchen and office and let me say it’s a Mommies best friend! Yes you have to sweep more often than vacuum, however with allergies in our family I have a better idea of when it’s dirty than with carpet where it stays hidden and trapped.

  3. My bathrooms are carpeted right now. I would love to replace them with travertine tile with radiant heat underneath.

  4. I *HATE* the flooring in our house. We have mostly carpet (blah!), but in the bathrooms we have slate (do you know how hard it is to clean slate when one of the boys “misses”?!), and the WORST is my kitchen and backroom– Apparently the previous homeowner was going for the industrial chic look and did a painted textured cement, with a border of slate ::shudder:: All of it is HORRIBLE, but is way to expensive to replace πŸ™

  5. I would love to have hardwood floors, but we currently have carpeting in almost all rooms of the place we rent….

  6. We have mostly carpet and I have mixed feelings about it. lol I like that it helps keep warm in the winter but don’t like that the kids spill EVERYTHING on it! It was crazy to have carpet in the dining room!! (was here when we moved in) I’d love wood floors though! That’s what I grew up with.

  7. We have carpet in our dining room (crazy, I know!) and I want to replace it with something else. We have at least 4 kids eating dinner with us at any time and the carpet is just a little stained, to say the least! I’m not sure what to put down, but it would have to be durable and able to be cleaned. There is ceramic tile in the adjacent rooms, so I’d like to try some kind of hardwood or something that looks like hardwood.

  8. This post just reminds me how much I need to re-do my bathroom floor. My daughter messed up our bathroom floor and now theres a big whole in the floor!!!

  9. I have carpeting, and its a rented house so it will stay that way. I like to have all laminate floors because of my dogs.

  10. We have laminate flooring which I would love to have WOOD.
    today I put a nice hole in the floor on accident while cleaning. Very upset with myself!!!!

  11. I raised 3 boys, I live in the country and once I got rid of the linoleum I replaced it with a Very durable laminant flooring called barnwood. So even if scatches did happen in the wood it looked natural. It survived to this day 15 yrs and still looks great. so don’t just go on looks, think about the traffic and what kind of traffic when choosing a flooring.

  12. I use to think I wanted nice carpet… then I got 2 great big dogs and 2 toddlers. We’ve gone through and replaced every room with pergo or ceramic tile. I love it… so easy to clean I don’t have to care when someone has an “accident” spills a sippy cup (not even sure how they manage to do that) or runs in with their rain boots still on! My husband is also started doing auto-repair and re-building as a hobby. I love having tile in our family room because he can roll up the rug and bring in whatever greesy oily part he’s working on and do it while watching tv then take it back out adn all I have to do is run a swiffer over the mess!

  13. I found out the hard way, how important flooring can be. Moved into an ‘estate house’, only fo spend 1 month in intensive care when I got deathly ill. The culprit? Old carpeting. Bad, moldy wood, and spent linlolium. Couldn’t tell by looking…only after time did the problem reared it’s ugly head. Now I have hardwood, and ceramic tile throughout!

  14. I love dark cherry! I hope to eventually replace all my flooring with hardwood or laminate. I just don’t want any carpet in my home.

  15. Very good to know, I wish the maintence guy knew half of what he was dpoing here, They do NOT know how to lay a floor here at all. They Lay title on top of tile.

  16. When we bought this house we needed flooring right away. We thought it would be a good idea to try and go “green” so we opted for bamboo flooring. It’s beautiful. Unfortunately we decided on rugs for the upstairs bedrooms and now I’m sorry we didn’t do bamboo throughout the house.

  17. I have red oak hardwood in my hall ways. entry and formal dining room. My family room and bonus room has burber carpet and my bedrooms have regular carpet Tile in the bathrooms and kitchen.

  18. The flooring in my bath is curling, so yes I need new flooring. I’m just afraid it will be expensive. I have concrete floors inderneath maybe I could just stain it instead.

  19. We have Tile in our laundry room, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms & front entry, and a light grey carpet every place else.

  20. I have ceramic tile in my kitchen and oak flooring in my living room! They are both cold in the winter but they are easier to keep clean!!!

  21. I rent and have been in this duplex for 10 years. The lino is not only outdated but pretty beat up as well. That is the sad part of divorce – in my experience the Mom goes on to suffer financially while the Dad makes money and refuses to share with his children. However, that is a different topic. Anyhoo, not owning this place means I have no choice but to live with yucky flooring πŸ™

  22. We have carpet in our bathrooms and I’m one of the few that love it! I would love laminate throughout the rest of our house though!

  23. We have original hardwood floors in the living/dining room and the 3 bedrooms. Full bath has been re-done with good vinyl, half bath has original tile. Kitchen & family room have old, ugly vinyl & old, ugly carpet respectively. We have purchased bamboo flooring for the kitchen & family room, I can’t wait to put it down!

  24. carpet and laminate…I would prefer no carpet at all though…just hardwood laminate and tile is what I prefer

  25. We built a new home ten years ago. We put ceramic tile flooring in the foyer, kitchen and bathrooms. The living room, family room and bedrooms all have carpeting. I have not been disappointed with the ceramic tile, however, some of the carpeting is really showing wear and tear already. I must admit, though, that I have loved what I’ve been seeing with the hardwood flooring being installed in new homes today. I think hardwood flooring is much easier to maintain today than in the past, and they are even making some laminate hardwood flooring that looks like the real thing!!

  26. I am so glad I read this as I am getting ready to replace the crappy linoleum in one of my bathrooms. I was just going to put new over old but now I will do it the proper way.

  27. We have carpet in the bedrooms and hardwood in the rest of the house except for the kitchen which is ceramic tile. I would love to have the bamboo laminate flooring. With 2 grandsons, 2 dogs, and 2 cats in the house, I believe laminate flooring would really reduce cleaning time and help immensely with allergies.

  28. We have carpet and a little hardwood. Would love to have all hardwood due to my son’s allergies but way too expensive. I saw ceramic tile that looks like hardwood that I thought looked nice and thought about putting in our family room.

  29. I am a huge fan of laminate flooring. I do agree there are alot of choices but thats the fun part !!! I can’t stand carpet, I find it a huge pain in the butt to keep clean with a toddler and can’t wait to move from my carpeted apartment…lol.

  30. We have wood floors in our house,and with my grandkids theyre a godsend to have they can be swept and cleaned so easily,and theres n carpet for them to mush food into.

  31. We are currently in the process of replacing our floors with bamboo…but I totally agree with you about the deep rich colors that are out there now! ( Our drawback is that I tend to notice the dust more on a dark color… and living in Texas, we have CONSTANT dust. Nasty.)

  32. I would love to have laminate flooring!I have carpet in all my rooms,but the kitchen and bathrooms.The carpet really needs to be replaced.I have 8 grandkids and the carpet has seen better days.

  33. I have hardwood, but if I ever move someplace that doesn’t, I think I would do laminate, too – looking at the environmental impact, that seems to be the way to go – and the easy care doesn’t hurt, either! πŸ™‚

  34. Big dogs okay, but are they big dogs that run pell mell through the house? I have a shepherd pup that plays tag with my grand daughter, so I need to know it’s not going to ruin the floor.

  35. Love the wood floor they do stand up to the test of kids and animals as I can attest to that since we have both in our house. I know what you mean about laminate floors we have this in two of our bathrooms but, so far so good I think it would be nice to have better flooring in the bathroom since we all i am sure spend a lot of tme in there. thanks for sharing your imput on this subject enjoyed reading it.

  36. Hard Wood Floors are Lovely but sometimes they get scratched or someone spills something with dye on them. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  37. we have tile all through the house except for the bedroom, the master room has wood floors and the two kids room have laminate, i would love to have carpet in there for them, or maybe put tile in there as well,like you what color to chose there is so many wonderful colors to choose from

  38. I’ve had both hard wood floors and carpets I really am not sure which I prefer they can both be difficult to maintain especially when you have children and animals

  39. Love the look of hardwood floors. I grew up with carpet, and while warm on the feet it just doesn’t have that elegant look and warm feeling of beautiful hardwoods. Our house has hardwoods throughout the living areas and bedrooms, and I love it. Original hardwoods at that, that have never been refinished, so they have many years of life left on them. They’re due for refinishing now, and I’m loving the darker shades too, gorgeous!

  40. we have two different types of laminate and I am very happy with both of them. It was reasonably priced and is holding up very well.

  41. I have Laminate flooring in my house also! It is cheaper, but just as strong as wood flooring. Wood flooring can be so expensive! I like the design and feel of laminate!

  42. We have a little bit of everything! When we remodel our kitchen, hopefully next year, we plan on getting hardwood floor to match our dining room. Right now we have vinyl linoleum in the kitchen.

  43. I have both carpeting and hard work floors. It is so hard to choose what you really like when the samples are so small.

  44. We have laminate flooring & linoleum in our house. I would love to swap the linoleum for tile as it is not holding up very well.

  45. I am in the process of getting some laminate installed. Not the nice kind cause I couldn’t afford it but this is better than carpet.

  46. We have carpet through most of our home and I would be thrilled to see it replaced! Our kitchen currently has old tile that needs replaced, but we’re waiting till hubby remodels with oak cabinets and trim.

  47. I live in a Condo at the moment that is carpeted, but a move is in my near future. So, I’m hoping that we will find a home with wall to wall hardwood floors. That would be my dream! πŸ™‚

  48. my wife and myself were just talking this morning how would a wood floor look like in our kitchen ,I love our hardwood floors and so do our 2 bordie collies except when they are waxed.

  49. I would LOVE to have laminate all over my house. It would make the house look new. I hate my nasty carpet and the germs it holds.

  50. Well we are in just a kitchenette right now…………….but I think it all depends on the area you live in the style you are decorating with and the kind of traffic you will have in your home.

  51. I love tile. I laid tile for many years. I just wouldn’t have it with little ones. I’m always afraid they’ll fall and crack their little heads. Laminate’s an excellent choice. =D

  52. My Husband and I installed Wooden Flooring in our house many years ago. One Dark Piece of wood to one light piece of wood. We did it in a half to whole design, I have seen pictures of rooms with all different colors of wood. As long as you put it in half to whole piece you could use many different colors. Good luck, it was hard work, but it turned out beautiful!

  53. I put laminate in my dining room and I wish I never would have. It looked great for a long time than it started peeling up at the corners (the laminate part) and it looks terrible. I have seen the vinal planks and they look like the real thing only will last longer and clean easier and no dust bunnies.

  54. I have hardwood floors in most of my house, except the kitchen which is tile. But, I would love to have tile in the bathrooms instead of the out-of-date linoleum.

  55. I have a Golden Retriever and a cat and I understand what you are talking about with the flooring! We have carpet in the living room only, but I actually wish it was hard wood. Right now it is not in our budget!

  56. In our next house, we will NOT have hardwoods in the kitchen. A nice sturdy tile that could withstand a pot falling on it would be good.

  57. We have laminate flooring throughout about half the house. The other half is ceramic tile. In all honesty, I much prefer the ceramic tile!

  58. I love hard wood and tile flooring and washable throw rugs. Keeps the dust and allergens down and looks beautiful!
    Blessings! <3 ;-}
    from Debra J Webb

  59. While most of the rooms on our home have nice oak hardwood floors – several rooms are in desperate need of a “floor lift”!

    Two bedrooms and the sunporch have VERY old and ugly charcoal colored (and frayed!) carpeting – and I would love to replace with with some nice hardwood laminate floors. And the kitchen has the world’s ugliest pinkish brown vinyl tile that I would love to replace with ceramic tile

  60. This makes me want to rip the carpet out of my house right now, by myself and throw it out in the front yard!! I cannot wait to get rid of it, not that it is old or nasty, but I LOVE the look of laminate/hardwood floors!

  61. I love the look of wood flooring. Ultimately, It’s easier to take care of than carpet too. Not as much stress about stains etc. Although….marks and scratches are a concern.

  62. Wow they’re beautiful aren’t they? I remember my Mom loved her hardwood floors. She’s wash & wax them all the time/ I love how they shine up without a flaw. I would love to have some kind of new floor for my kitchen.

  63. My whole house is carpeted, even the laundry room. Reason: warmer, I moved to a cold climate from FL. My feet are always cold, worth it tho ~ my daughter, grandchildren and great greatchildren are here:)

  64. We currently have carpet in all rooms of our home except the kitchen, bathroom, den, and laundry room which all have tile. I would love to have hard wood floors but with the kids and everyone in and out I think it would be impossible to keep them looking nice.

  65. i love hardwood floors, i only wish i had them, in the place a live right now there are rugs in every room and it drives me nuts… i like rugs but i like them better as a piece not wall to wall, give me hardwood floors any day πŸ˜‰ Thanks n great review @tisonlyme143