Why Puppo Dog Food is Great for All Dogs

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 Is Puppo is Great for All Dogs?

Puppo dog food is literally made for your dog!

Puppo brand dog food is a perfect solution for your pup. They make each bag specific to your dogs’ needs! Check out how much our boy Apollo loves Puppo dog food. After all, what’s not to love when it’s been formulated just for him. It’s Apollo’s Secret Formula made just for him and his special dietary needs.puppo personalized dog food

Disclaimer: we were compensated for this post but as always all opinions are 100% our own and Apollo loves this food.

Why Puppo Dog Food is Perfect for Your Dog

Puppo dog food is customized to your dog’s dietary needs! Yes, that’s right, read on.

Yes, that is our boy Apollo’s picture on the bag of Puppo food above. Has he become a doggy model for this fabulous dog food brand? While we think he’s a handsome boy and certainly puppy model material, no he’s not their spokesdog, not officially. Although I think that any dog who has Puppo dog food will unofficially become their spokesdoggy. puppo customized dog foodLike people, dogs are not all the same so why should dog food be one bag fits all? Or even 6 bags fits all? They are each unique and we can customize our own meals, so why not do that for them? While Apollo likes to try and eat almost everything, not everything agrees with him. He’s got a sensitive stomach and doesn’t seem to be able to tolerate beef and a few other things. puppo

Um, why are you on the floor taking a photo of me mom?

Puppo dog food is customized to your dogs’ needs

So thanks to Puppo, you go to their site, you give them information on the breed, age, gender, activity level and any issues and/or preferences for food and their experts come up with your dog’s secret formula made just for them! After all, we don’t want Apollo eating the same food that we give our 11lb chihuahua Cleo. However, Apollo also can’t have all the same food as other dogs his age and size so the standard, young adult large breed dog food isn’t always best for him. Whereas we know that Apollo’s Secret Formula is well for Apollo.apollo's puppo You also can give input as to what areas you’d like to concentrate on for your dog. For Apollo, we wanted emphasis on joint support, healthy digestion, strong bones and healthy skin. I love all of the customization and Apollo loves the food as you can see above. puppo

About Puppo

Their dog food is made in the USA. To learn about your pup’s needs, they use a framework established by the American College of Veterinary Nutrition that takes into account every aspect of your dog’s nutritional intake. This information is then used to build your pup’s comprehensive, vet-designed nutrition plan.

Every ingredient is selected to serve your pup’s specific nutritional purpose. All recipes start with meat as the first ingredient. We then use only the highest quality, natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals. They never include any animal by-product meals, fillers, or artificial preservatives, flavours, or colours.

Kibble size is also a vital factor we adapt to your pup. They make multiple kibble sizes to fit the mouths of smaller and larger dogs.puppo

Quality and safety

In addition to quality ingredients, we also love that this company has strick practices for quality and safety. The food is cooked in their own facilities, it’s not farmed out to a third party. Every day, their onsite quality experts check to ensure their food meets the highest standards for quality and safety. Their facility is also inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they adhere to the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Hygiene Practices, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

Trusted suppliers and farmers

They are careful to ensure all their farmers, suppliers, and production facilities follow global standards around health and safety, responsible labour practices, and fair compensation.puppo

Dog Food Gets Delivered Fresh

Their dog food is delivered in 5lb bags monthly so you have enough for your pup for the month and get a fresh batch each month. I love the 5lb bags as it also makes it easier for when we travel like in the photos above. We were on a mini-vacation with our dogs so we just grabbed one of Apollo’s bags of food and it was perfect for our three-day trip. My husband also keeps a bag in his truck to feed Apollo during the day when they’re working as he goes to work with my husband the majority of the time.

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Apollo loves the food, he’s healthy and dare I say this but it’s true we know he’s not having stomach issues on this food because he’s not gassy any more. Let’s just say while we love Apollo a lot, the gassiness was getting to be a bit much before. We’re all so happy he’s got Puppo dog food now.

Whether your dog has special dietary needs and/or you want to concentrate on certain health issues or you just want the best for your dog you’ll want to check out Puppo. Make sure to go to their website https://puppo.com/ and see what they recommend for your pup. Apollo gives them two paws up as he stands on his back legs to jump up for those two paws that is 🙂


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  1. Going to see about getting a sample bag of this for my senior pup. She is very fragile so I am always concerned about what I’m feeding her. Thanks for introducing me to this.

  2. I will have to search for puppo the next time I shop, I am always trying to find the perfect food for my little guys. This is a new brand for me. Oh, I definitely think Apollo is star material…he is handsome. 🙂

  3. I have never heard of this dog food before. It sounds tasty for our dog and very healthy. Thank you so much for sharing this. Happy New Years and God Bless

  4. This is such a good idea to customize the food so each pup gets the nutrition and formula they need. We have had problems with our senior dog getting sick and have her on a prescription formula.