Women and Self Care – Make Time For You


Women and Self Care – Make Time For You

Women and Self Care – Don’t Feel Guilty About Some “Me Time”

Whether you’re a mom, grandma, aunt or none of the above you’re most likely one busy lady. It’s a fact women are multi-taskers and tend to take on a lot. So that’s why today, I want to talk about women and self care. It’s simple we don’t do enough of it and when we do often times we feel guilty for taking that “me time”. Don’t feel guilty not only do you need some time to take care of you, it not only helps you but everyone around you. By taking care of yourself you are recharged and more emotionally and physically capable of taking care of others.

Women and self care – it’s important to treat yourself! I’m offering a few tips where you can easily have some “me time” that will leave you feeling revitalized. One of these tips includes the AVEENO® Active Naturals products below.

Aveeno - Women and Self Care

Women and Self Care – Mini Spa time

While it’s not always possible to take a vacation for that “me time” (wouldn’t that be nice) there are ways to recharge and/or relax at home and with little to no cost. One of my favourite ways is it have a mini spa day at home. I love to be able to diffuse some lavender essential oil, take a hot bubble bath and just lie back and relax for a bit. I like to use the AVEENO® Active Naturals products such as  the Body Yogurt. This line is formulated with Active Naturals Oatmeal and enriched with the nutrients found in Greek yogurt, this unique formula revitalizes and instantly saturates dry skin while leaving it feeling moisturized.

Women and Self Care AVEENO Body Wash

Not only is the body wash a treat for my skin, it’s a treat for my senses too as it smells divine, almost good enough to eat. The body wash has creamy gel texture that absorbs into your skin without leaving any residue behind that I noticed. After your shower or bath treat your skin and senses to a whole other level by following it with the  AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt. Like the body wash there are two natural scents the apricot and honey and the vanilla oats. Both smell divine and instantly seem to relax me. The Body Yogurt quenches your skin’s thirst, it absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. Hours later my skin was still feeling so soft.

Women and Self Care AVEENO Body Yogurt

When you feel good you are both mentally and physically better prepared for almost anything. Let me tell you I feel so much better after my mini spa day and I love it when my skin feels soft and healthy.  The daily moisturizing body yogurt is not quite as thick as well for example Greek yogurt and it’s much lighter as you can see below. I love how it absorbs so quickly and is not greasy. It really is a treat.

Another thing I love to do for my mini spa day is to do a facial. It’s easier than you think as part of the treat of it is just taking time to yourself. Use gentle, natural products and ones that make you feel good.

Women and Self Care AVEENO Body Yogurt

Women and Self Care – Get Outside & Relax

Another one of my favourite things to do for self care is to go outside to either relax or go for a walk which I find relaxing and has the added benefit of being exercise too. If it’s a nice day I will sit outside on the lounger with my favourite book a coffee or a cold drink. I’m lucky that we have beautiful trees all around us and with spring and summer my flowers are blooming so I can stop and well smell the roses like my roses below.

Women and Self Care Smell the Roses

I also get to enjoy our friend’s and neighbours pond which is quite pretty and they have big goldfish in this pond too. Both my daughter and I love to go and sit by their pond to watch the fishes. Fortunately we have an open invitation to do so. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pond I’m sure there’s something outside you’d enjoy. Whether it’s setting on your balcony with your music or a good book, drinking that coffee or tea uninterrupted, there’s always moments to capture for some “me time”.

Here’s the fishes in the pond 🙂

Women and Self Care AVEENO

Women and Self Care – Make a Work Moment Some Me Time

While I admit this one might be harder to do there may still be an opportunity. For myself when I have a deadline for an article, I put an uplifting essential oil in the diffuser and my favourite music and it makes work more of a me moment. One of the other things I do if I have to take photos, I try to go outside and enjoy the day. You may have noticed a theme to the photos in this article, I went next door to our neighbours pond and not only did I get my photos done but I got some “me time” by the pond too.

You can even glimpse the fishes in the background below.

Women and Self Care AVEENO Body Wash

Women and Self Care – Close the Door

If you can’t seem to make anything work, just go into a room that you might find relaxing and just close the door. I used to call this mommy’s time out but it was a time out I enjoyed. Even 15 minutes to myself can do wonders to recharge your body and mind. If you have little ones at home I know this could be harder but as they say snag those moments when they’re napping. You can try to arrange with your partner/friend/family member to just give you even 15-30 minutes. You’d be amazed how even a short amount of time can do wonders.

Women and Self Care AVEENO Body Yogurt

Women and Self Care – Your Tips

I’ve shared a few of the things I do for my self care now it’s your turn. Share your tips with us on how you can snag some “me time” to recharge. If you’d like your “me time” to include the fabulous AVEENO® Active Naturals products make sure to check out their site and follow their social media channels for updates and specials.

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This article was sponsored by AVEENO Canada but as always all opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Debbie Penney says:

    We love Aveneo products here. But, we have never tried the body yogurt….would love to try!

  2. Robin Moss says:

    I did not realize that they had so many products. I will have to try them.

  3. You can’t take care of anyone unless you take care of yourself.

  4. Aveeno works great on my sensitive skin.

  5. This is so important for all of us moms!

  6. Michelle S says:

    I use a good moisturizing lotion every day to keep my skin soft and smooth. I have used Aveeno in the past for my son’s sensitive skin but haven’t tried it for me yet.

  7. Elizabeth Miller says:

    We love Aveeno. It works really good for my daughters eczema.

  8. Aveeno has great products at great prices, a lot of natural ingredients too !

  9. Deborah D says:

    I so want to try the body yogurt. I love the regular aveeno body lotion so I am sure I will love the body yogurt. I am definitely checking out the body yogurt.

  10. Taking a quick nap, a little gym time, cooking or even shopping are all good me time activities. Just time doing something you like.

  11. tiffany says:

    love Aveeno products.

  12. Piroska says:

    I love Aveeno products. Having super sensitive skin, it’s one of the few products I can use. And yes, I need to make more time, as well, to spend on myself.

  13. ellen beck says:

    If you have no time for yourself, you dont have time to recharge and get your head together. It doesnt take long, just a bit. I like these products.

  14. sherry butcher says:

    would love to try the other Aveno Products, I use lots of lotion and it’s great. Thanks for sharing.

  15. rochelle haynes says:

    I love their products they are great

  16. betsy cortez says:

    aveeno makes great products for sensitive skin

  17. Jeanna Massman says:

    Aveeno makes quality products. I love using their moisturizers which are so important here in dry Arizona.

  18. .Christine L says:

    I love Aveeno products. I got some nice samples of moisturizer & I would love to try the body yogurt

  19. Nancy Burgess says:

    I need to try this and take more time for myself.

  20. Terri S says:

    I have such dry skin and am always looking for a good moisturizer. I have not tried Aveeno yet but will have to check it out. Thank you for your review.

  21. Cynthia C says:

    Now that my kids are grown I find it easier to have a little time to myself. Taking good care of my skin is something that has become more important as I age.

  22. Pam Philebar says:

    I love aveno, i definitely need to spend more time on myself

  23. Alice F says:

    There is so much to be said for moisturizing the skin! About once or twice a week, I enjoying closing the door to my bathroom and having a little me time! After a long bath with music and I find that I feel refreshed, happier and healthier when I take time for myself.

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