Women’s Bean Project Helps Families

Women’s Bean Project Makes a Difference

A non-profit Colorado based company is making great strides to help transform and inspire lives. The Women’s Bean Project offers more than just jobs to convicted felons, recovering addicts, victims of domestic violence, teen moms, and high school drop outs. They provide training that works as a stepping stone to create self-sufficiency.

Women's Bean Project

How Can You Help?

You can make a difference in the lives of those who want to change their lifestyle by purchasing products through Women’s Bean Project or simply make a donation online! We ALL buy groceries, so why not order food through them to save YOU time at the grocery store, help these women who want a better life, and enjoy their delicious products!

Women's Bean Project

About Women’s Bean Project Products

My family has been enjoying a variety of their tasty snacks and seasonings. There has yet to be ANYTHING that we haven’t liked! I was trying to think of our favorite product and I honestly can’t decide. They have all been great.

Women's Bean Project

Here are some of the types of products that Women’s Bean Project sells.

  • gourmet bean soups
  • chilis
  • cookie & brownie mixes

Women's Bean Project

  • salsa & spice rubs
  • marinades
  • dip mixes
  • instant tea
  • organic fair trade coffee
  • sweets (including jelly beans and chocolate covered espresso beans, YUM)

Women's Bean Project

Each product is hand packaged by the women who are involved in the program.

My Thoughts

Not only do I think the products have been delicious but I also love the effects this program has on these women and their families. Everyone needs a chance at life. Wrong decisions can make a life of regret. Women’s Bean Project helps these women who are living in a life of regret to see the value in their lives again!

Women's Bean Project

As I was making the Snickerdoodle Cookies, the box was face down so I could read the directions. I couldn’t help but notice the sticker that said the woman’s name who had packaged that particular box. I didn’t have a face with the name but I still was able to envision that there was a lady who is now off the streets and being given a chance at life. While I was enjoying the cookies that this woman helped me make, I fell more in love with Women’s Bean Project and the change they are making in other’s lives! Women’s Bean Project, thank you for making a positive difference in so many lives!

Women's Bean Project

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