Yvolution Neon KYX – Party Time!


Looks Like A Party Every Day With Yvolution Neon KYX Light Up Shoes

Yvolution Neon KYX – New, Fun, and Fashionable

My son had told me about these “light up shoes” he saw. I was not too sure what he was talking about so I looked them up. Brand new to the market, these Yvolution Neon KYX shoes are sure to grab attention everywhere you go!

Yvolution Neon KYX

Since my son told me about the Yvolution Neon KYX shoes, I have seen so many teens, especially, wearing them. Quickly becoming a big hit. I know my son loves them for sure! Not only are they fun but the shoes themselves are comfortable. My husband even tried them on and said they are nice fitting.

Yvolution Neon KYX

Yvolution Neon KYX Lights

Midsoles on both shoes are packed with LED lights. Lights vary in seven different colors. 4 cool settings include the options to have the lights pulse, flicker, strobe or gradually change depending on which setting you choose. When walking in a mall, you may want a solid colored light to match your outfit; however, if you are at a party, you may choose you would like for the colors to change or turn on the strobe look! They even leave a glow on the floor under you as you walk!

Yvolution Neon KYX

Charge Them Up

Each Yvolution Neon KYX shoe has a small USB port along the inside tongue of the shoe in which you can change the colors and settings very easily even with the shoes on.

Yvolution Neon KYX

The port is hidden when shoes are laced up, so you could even wear them without lights on when needed. No one would even know a difference. Simply plug charger cords into the shoes to recharge! By setting the shoes side by side, you can charge both at the same time with the dual charger. 

Yvolution Neon KYX

Purchasing Yvolution Neon KYX? 

Shoes are being sold currently at Toys R Us nationwide and online. Sizes 10-6 are available in kids sizes. In men’s, sizes 5-12, as well as, women’s sizes 4-12 are also available.

Yvolution Neon KYX

Brighten someone you love’s life with these neat new shoes!

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  1. I think they’re silly. Just the type of thing that kids would go for.

  2. (Yvolution Neon KYX – Party Time!) Wow! This is pretty neat, I have never seen anything like them before.

  3. Those are SO cool! I would love these. I don’t walk well and these would help to light up my path. I know they are built for fashion not my trip hazard, but still would work great.

  4. Veronica Weaver says:

    These look like fun!

  5. These would be great for a friend of mine who always runs at dusk…would be really great for safety besides looking good.

  6. Mary Cloud says:

    My son got some of these LED shoes for Christmas – he loves them – they are neat

  7. Oh my stars! These look like so much fun! I want a pair of my very own!

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