How I Got My Groove Back

So this is not anything like “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”, if you’ve seen the movie you know what I’m talking about.

If my picture looks weird it’s cause I was discreetly trying to take a selfie without all the folks at the park thinking I was weird and vain lol. There were only about a half a dozen people there but all elderly people who didn’t have a smart phone in sight. Yes the sun was a shining but boy was it cold brrrr

Powered by Mom Getting Her Groove Back  in the cold

Powered by Mom Getting Her Groove Back in the cold

I have been in a funk this last week or so and I think I can sort of source the funk to a few things. First one is without a doubt because my daughter for the first time is thousands of miles away from us. She left on a fabulous adventure with her follow grade 7 French Immersion classmates to Quebec.

The early morning we were going to the airport I unexpectedly started to feel the tears well up in my eyes, my little girl was going to be so far away without us! She’s been away from us before but always within driving distance. I pulled myself together when we got to the airport as I wanted her to be happy and excited for the trip. I held it together UNTIL it was time for the final good-bye and my beautiful daughter hugged me tight and started to get teary herself – oh boy! We managed to get her off and going without too many more tears.

Now I think this is where the funk began. I was tired all weekend, didn’t leave the house, didn’t get my 15 minutes or more of walking, fresh air, was eating semi-crappy food you get the picture. I was missing my daughter and was anxiously awaiting an email from her on the weekend, the first chance that they were allowed to email. Well the time came and went for when the email was supposed to come and no email. I knew my daughter would have sent one so I suspected that she did a typo. The lethargy continued after this and then it was time to head to my work place outside the home.

I go to work early it’s still dark and it was a cold but clear morning. I opted for a natural energy booster drink that morning, had some healthy food to eat and got to work. The sun started to come out about 45 minutes later and it was gorgeous I took a picture from the office window.


I walked around lots at the office, I ate healthy food and come 12ish I decided that even though it was cold, the sun was shining so it was time for a walk. My earphones were plugged in to my music and off I went to a local park that had a track about 800 meters all the way around. I did this at least 3 times and walked for 30 minutes total. To say it was glorious was an understatement, I wore my sunglasses as the sun was so bright but the air was nippy so I just covered my head with my scarf.

The walk energized me, the sun warmed up my soul and eating my healthy foods again properly fueled my body. I finished the last two hours of work in a much better mood, the lethargy gone and eager to get home.

The positive energy continued and 1 hour after I got home the second expected email from the kids in Quebec arrived, we got 2 emails. She’s having a good time, but misses mom, dad the computer lol and can’t wait to come home. Warmed me to know she was having fun overall. Amazing how much our children affect us and how we can miss them so much that it we feel it to our souls. I know I know a long way around to tell you how I got into a funk and how I got my groove back. How did I get it back? The walk, the sun, healthy eating, positive thinking etc..

It’s true the small things really do matter so give yourself a break, enjoy some sunshine, have a bubble bath, or do what you need to get your groove back. I know I’m going to be wayyyy more diligent about getting my 15 minutes or more as for me it makes a big difference.

Have you gotten into a funk? What did you do about it? Feel free to share we love to hear from you!

Pssst another article to come soon sharing more tips on how we can all get our groove back 🙂

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  1. I am so thankful you shared your story your view has helped me so much I feel like you know where I’m at and can relate to your story as well!

  2. Going for a walk or listening to music always helps me!

  3. Going for a walk in the sun makes me feel better when I get into a funk.

  4. Alison Gibb says:

    What a great post! Our kids are our everything unless there is something wrong with you. Many years ago, my special needs son needed to go to a residential school. For the longest time, I felt like half of me was with him and the other half at home. Parenting is the most rewarding and painful job we will ever hold.

  5. Sandra Crispo says:

    I usually sit back close eyes, relax, breath deep few times, and think of place would love to be that is calming, relaxing, etc. Mountain stream, beach at sunset or sunrise, etc., and within 15 minutes till 1/2 hour get good results. Learned this in a class when attended University of South Carolina from 2004-2009 when Got my BA in Anthropology (focus on Archaeology) and have found it quite useful even at my advanced age which is 66 years young, lol!!!

  6. Susan Broughton says:

    Your story is a story that is repeated millions of times around the world, where children grow up and head off to do their thing while the mother is left behind to pick up the pieces of her heart. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier as they get older but for me it didn’t. When my daughter went off to college you would have thought that someone had died. I cried my eyes out seeing her go and then lingering over the few notes that she sent home to say hi. I think it is mother nature that it is normally, ingrained into mothers to love, cherish, and protect their children. Just like it is normally, ingrained into children that they should grow up and leave the nest to start a life on their own. I guess we should take solace in that fact but of course I have not lol. But head up and wipe your eyes and live your life as best as you can because even though they are gone they are still watching and listening to learn from you how to live their life when their children heads out on their own;…………

  7. Hannah McLaurine says:

    Just found your blog and I needed to read this post today!

  8. My son will be starting college soon, not looking forward to it 🙁

  9. Jeri Lynne Lowry says:

    I love that you shared your personal story of being in a funk! Sometimes I think it’s just me, even when I know it’s not. I do believe the winter weather has an effect on people and when the sun shines I have to go outside in it…I’m craving it right now 😉 Keep smiling!! Nice picture too 🙂

  10. This is an awesome story.Glad you got your groove bad. Not having our children near us is so hard on our hearts ,minds and soul.

  11. Depends what time of funk I am in.
    If I am in a reading one I will play my sims for a few days sometimes a week or so before I get out of the funk. I will also watch movies with the kiddos

  12. Christina Feldbauer says:

    Very interesting, thank you for sharing.

  13. Kari Wagoner says:

    I know I am in a funk. I can’t wait for Spring.

  14. Robin Quick says:

    Oh how I know letting go isn’t easy for us Moms! My youngest child is 16 and it pains me to know he will be out on his own in a few years.I so dread the day he moves out. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I know I will have to keep going, eat well and get out and socialize but it will be easier said than done.

  15. We all go through the funk – personally I am on my own getting my groove back adventure – good luck to you

  16. I so wish it was okay to walk outside right now but with the snow and the bitter cold it is near impossible, The 3 minute walk to my sons school is horrible. But yes, getting fresh air when in a funk totally works here.

  17. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    Actually, I’ve been in a real blue funk for nearly six months now – ever since my 91 year old Mom and sister moved 1000+ miles away to Montana. We haven’t been able to get out there yet and I miss them SO much. I’m used to having them both live nearby (for the past 20 years) and in an area we ALL grew up in. Now it feels so empty. The first few months were the worst…

    But I’m finding that spending time outdoor in nature (even if this an especially rotten Winter) is uplifting – and being physically active – even just taking long walks really is restorative to the spirit. I once read that when you are truly physicall fit and active it is IMPOSSIBLE to be depressed. And I think I believe that’s true.

    Hope you are moving along towards brighter days and that you emerge from this funk feeling brighter and lighter (in spirit) than ever!

  18. Thanks for sharing, love this article!

  19. DENISE SMITH says:

    i do try an walk as much as i can i know that i have some days where im trying to get my groove back with 2 kids and a husband my one daughter is severe autistic you dont get much free time so i try very hard to find those spare moments that i can take for myself

  20. Amanda Stovall says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the details of your “funk”! As I can TOTALLY relate! I’m right there with ya, ladypants! And this weather, oh my goodness, this weather is NOT helping matters! I appreciate you sharing your attempts at some exercise and healthier eating and how that really did change your funk toward a more positive direction. I’m going to try the same! Wish me luck! 🙂

  21. naomie toner says:

    you are stunning

  22. lauren engbrock says:

    I love how you describe every detail of your funk! You are a great writer. As to the funk, we all go through those times. I find they don’t last & in the mean time I try to pamper myself & that helps. thanks

  23. Diana McDonald says:

    We all have that sluggish moment.

  24. Sally Guenterberg says:

    always good to hear that others go through the same issues as you do! I dont think this weather this winter has helped anyone out of a funk! Joining a gym in October has helped me tremendously beat the funk.

  25. Terrie Swanson says:

    I always get all funky and down at this time of year. I agree that it’s probably lack of sunshine because I don’t get out as much and my vitamin D stays low all year even with a prescription of 50,000 units. It seems that this is the time to want family close and my siblings are in a major squabble like never before even though they’re constantly fighting so it’s not helping either. I do have an understanding husband that always tries to cheer me up however.

  26. There’s nothing like the Arizona sun!

  27. We’re really warm here in Arizona!

  28. michele comas says:

    I have 3 children, 1 adopted child, a dog and lots of people who I care for deeply. My middle son is in Virginia. I feel a crushing pain when I think about how much I miss him and how we, now, have this amazing relationsip. We seem to understand that deeper love that no one can understand unless you have that kind of love in your heart. I call him the best part of the oreo, because he is my middle, my double stuff! I love the other two just as much, but they are what holds the oreo together…they are almost like twins and My double stuff, well, we are so much alike…I know when he is hurting…I can feel it in my bones and I get that funk. I get the pain and sadness that comes. I know that no one can see why I do the things I do, but they do not get to experience the passion I have for all my children. My oldest is 28, middle one is 26 and my baby will be 22 this year. They are amazing and they are my best friends. I know for a while, they seems like children from another planet. I like to think of it as the transition period, where they seem so off and ungrounded..then they resurface and emerge as my little oreo butterflies!

  29. I guess I’m kind of in a funk right now. I just recently caught a cold that’s been making its way around work. I need to get out of this funk and increase my vitamin c intake to try to beat this! Glad your daughter is having a good time in Quebec 🙂

  30. yes I have gotten in a funk before. Each time one of my children grew up and moved out it was really hard on me. It was awesome to see my Children become happy healthy adults..I have awesome Grandchildren now, what a blessing they are.

    I agree with others on taking vit D. So many people have low Vit D levels and it does seem to cause depression/ funk. best thing you could have done for yourself was to get outside and take in that little bit of Sun= Natural Vit D
    I did take in the sun and feel that is one of the ways I got out of it…Eating well, drinking well also helped. But most of all…hearing their voices or reading email from them, (selfish me) hearing that they did miss me. But most of all hearing the laughter and hearing them tell me about new experiences and new people they are meeting.

    It is hard, hold on and enjoy all the emails while she is away. She will have great memories forever from this trip and awesome stories to tell you when she returns…Hopefully she has a camera and can share pictures with you.

  31. Stacy Harrington Calhoun says:

    i think we all have a winter funk going on, just have to step up and keep moving forward

  32. Brutus Duffy says:

    Glad your daughter is / had a great time but sorry about how you feel. I get he winter blues and can’t wait for spring when I can open up the windows and strat planting.
    Take care and God Bless

  33. Jenifer Moore says:

    I’ve been in a funk as well I’m a waitress and overweight and no energy to want to walk or workout I work 3rd shift and don’t want to leave he house on my days off feeling so tired.
    Thanks for sharing

  34. You are so right. I have been in a funk for about three years actually ;( I have pulled myself up and soaked in a nice hot bath or forced myself to walk outside a bit and I do feel better emotionally for a while. thanks for the wonderful help.

  35. md Kennedy says:

    I always get into a long “funk” after the holidays as I start counting the days until my husband and I leave to spend 3 amazing months in our happy place home in Greece. Like you, the only way I can get out of it temporarily at least is to get outside and get some sun and fresh air, which I do with Nordic walking. I may look like a dork with my poles walking around the city, but it so works!

  36. Stephanie F. says:

    It’s amazing how much exercise, even taking a short walk, can help your mood. I know this, but yet it’s still hard to do when you’re in a funk!

  37. I try to get outside when the sun shines, and believe it or not, when I’m really in a funk, cleaning helps. I hate to clean, and don’t clean like I should. But I get a lot of satisfaction when things look nice.

  38. Julie Wood says:

    Some days are not very good, and we need to know that they will pass! Yesterday was a bad day, but I managed to try to get myself outside and enjoy the day anyway. Since I am getting older, it helps me to try and make each day special because it could be my last. Thanks for your inspiring post.

  39. Mary Dailey says:

    If we have several days or more of cloudy skies, I get in a funk too! I find that if the sun is shining, it lifts my spirits. I have more energy and I just have a happier feeling.

  40. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Carey Oberly says:

    we so get into our little boxes and don’t want to go out of the comfort zone. You can do it.. be brave! do your own adventure too…its exhilerating

  42. Chevy Reid Roper says:

    I have these kinds of days all the time. Give me a good book or just going outside to watch/listen to the birds and I always feel better. Sometimes just getting in the cart and riding around the block does it too. Just some me time to clear my head.

  43. Melanie Mc says:

    I just always have to remember to FORCE myself to get up out of the Ordinary and DO SOMETHING that I love, to walk , to read, to dance, to paint, to sing………..and it always brings me up, not perfect, but UP!!!!

  44. I’ve been in a funk a couple yrs ago when I had problems with my husband. Focusing on myself more.. and just enjoying every day with the people I love so much really helps me.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  45. Alicia Morris says:

    I’m in a funk to I think it’s all the snow and cold you can’t get out and do much , but take vitamins and eat good
    Do some indoor things, I do a lot of crafts in the winter

  46. Valerie Guerrero says:

    i hope i still have my groove

  47. Keep your chin up and one day at a time! You look wonderful!

  48. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I so need to do this. I think this weather has made it worse but a nice walk even in the cold can be energizing.

  49. Marianne Picardi says:

    Wake up with a thankful heart

  50. We all tend to get in those funks. Keep your head up!

  51. Shannon Davis says:

    I love the way the way rays of sub light shine through on the picture.

  52. robyn donnelly says:

    Both my daughters are at home but they day will come when they will leave me. One is 20 and the other 17. My oldest is starting to show a little interest in the military so wow I am a little nervous. I know how you feel though.



  55. but mom she doing somthing she might not be a ble to do againin life time and then she might bring alot of pic back

  56. I have with the snow and school, but hopefully I’ll get out of it soon, love your ideas!

  57. Teri Melton says:

    My youngest daughter and son-in-law are moving out of state this week, and I keep finding tears trickling down. I know they need to go where the work is, but I feel quite lonely.

  58. Beverly Miller says:

    I lost my groove.

  59. I have lost my spunk since my Dad passed 2 years ago. I have seen my Mom decline badly and fast. Her memory is not good and she is in chronic depression, I have a brother who is not suppose to drink, is on disability for Mental Heath issues, after my Dad passed he started drinking, lost his 17 year marriage with twins. Has been off his medicine, I do not know him anymore. I have had too many losses. I can’t seem to get motivated,,, I have put on weight and I need to turn this around:(

  60. Tamarae Ellis says:

    Sleep, a good book, a drive, ice cream and sometimes a chat with a friend get me out of a funk! But I am so thrilled for your daughter and the experience she is getting this week.. As hard as it is for mom, she will forever remember this trip!

  61. I need to try something to help with what I’m going through.

  62. The only way for me to get my groove back is to start over in another state moving to NY & gonna get my groove & life back!!!!!

  63. Katie McBride says:

    Walking definitely helps raise my spirits. As Elle in Legally Blonde said, exercising increases your endorphins and makes you happy, and no one that happy would kill their husband! lol

  64. I so needed to see this post!!! I have been in a funk for over a year due to my massive weight gain from being on the medication Prednisone for Lupus and RA. All I really do is sit in my house and feel sorry for myself. It is not healthy at all to feel this way. The only time I ever feel good is when my 3 year old granddaughter comes over and spends the weekends with me. We go everywhere together. I need to feel that same spark during the week. It is like I have no energy at all!!

  65. Patty Wszola says:

    I understand! I am in the same boat!

  66. Sometimes a walk can help you feel refreshed.

  67. Sandy McFadden says:

    Thank you for sharing………..I can totally relate to what you are going through. I hope you can some relief for what you are going through.

  68. Deanna Tate says:

    I guess this means I should get off my duff and start walking…….AFTER the snow melts…..LOL

  69. rochelle haynes says:

    I am still waiting on my groove to come back.

  70. I think everyone gets into a funk every now and then. I know I do. Glad to know taking the walk helped. Its something that usually helps, it helps me out also.

  71. Lisa Schweizer says:

    I live by the water, so I get my groove back by going for a daily walk to the beach with my dog. I don’t care how cold or hot it is, just hearing the sounds of the waves helps me unwind and relieve stress!

  72. I think we should take a walk everyday for 30 mins . if possible, so u can get Vit. D from sunlight & take ur milk for Calcium!!

  73. I am definitely in some kind of funk. I am always freezing and I wish I could go out for a walk but I get so cold so fast. I But going to the grocery store makes me feel a bit better, it’s getting out of the house! I can not wait till spring, my 6 year old daughter and I were watching youtube videos today about planting, we can not wait to start digging in the garden and getting dirty. How many more days till spring? =)

  74. Sometimes we need to take a breath of fresh air to turn things around. Happy to hear it helped. Time for me to go for a walk!

  75. Elaine Sumner says:

    All good things to do every day 🙂
    And those older folks without cell phones probably didn’t have a clue as to what you were doing with yours! 😉

  76. Jennifer Hiles says:

    I’ve had my share of funk’s this winter. I got one of those “happy lights” from Verilux. I think it helps a little. But you are right, eating healthier and getting some exercise will get those natural happy feelings going!

  77. Sharon Elliott says:

    I totally understand what you’re going thru.

  78. I’m in a bit of a funk too. Trying to get some energy back because I have a son who is ten and is definitely NOT in a funk.

  79. Raj (Jane) says:

    I am in some what of a funk, I go through my daily routine, however I am tired sluggish & can’t wait for the weather to get better. I need to spend more time outdoors

    • Raj, if you can’t get outside due to bad weather, make sure to take your vitamins, Vitamin D for sure and maybe some probiotics. Try some indoor activities, relax, read a book whatever you like to do 🙂 Hope you get out of your funk soon!

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