Loose Leaf Tea on the Go! Libre Tea Glass Giveaway ends 8/25

Powered by Mom Blog shares a Loose Leaf Tea on the Go! Libre Tea Guest Giveaway!

Loose Leaf Tea on the Go

Have you ever tried to enjoy your tea while trying to complete all the tasks on your to do list? Libre has come up with a revolutionary idea that finally lets tea lovers enjoy their favorite Loose leaf tea on the go or any tea! With three different Libre Glass’n Poly varieties you are sure to find a size suitable for your needs. These glass n’ poly tea mugs are simply fantastic! I love my Libre Mug and Libre Large and so does my husband. You can read Powered by Mom’s previous reviews on her mugs HERE

Better yet Libre Tea has different size tea glasses to suit your needs or a tea mug which is my favorite one! They make wonderful gifts as well I know I’ve given them as Christmas presents and more and everyone is always so delighted to receive one. If you love tea you will LOVE the Libre Tea Glass!

Would you like to win? 1 winner will receive a Libre Original or Mug (your choice) Enter below & Good Luck! Giveaway is open to US & Canada. Ends 8/25 11:59 PM
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  1. Lily Kwan says:

    my friend

  2. I do!

  3. lori butler says:

    i do :))


    i live in nc so we all drink tea

  5. I grew up in the deep southern USA (Gulf Coast) so iced tea is The summer drink, especially “SweeTea” as they say it. My son grew up with it and loves it, and his California-born and bred wife has learned to love it too, and even how to make SweeTea properly. 😉

  6. Jennifer Speed says:

    mostly me, my mom drinks it off and on but I drink it most

  7. Teresa Thompson says:

    Im the tea drinker.

  8. Angela Rhodes Ingles says:

    My husband and I both loved brewed tea!

  9. Christine says:

    I’m the tea lover in my house!

  10. Rebecca Parsons says:

    My husband loves fresh brewed tea

  11. Sacha Schroeder says:

    I am the tea lover in my house!

  12. I do – it’s so relaxing…with a good book or some knitting 🙂

  13. i do i do! 🙂 my hubby likes yerba mate’ too, and my son will drink herbal tea if it’s there! thanks for the fun giveaway!

  14. I do!!!

  15. I am the tea drinker in my household.

  16. laurie nykaza says:

    i love to make tea everyday and so does my daughter too

  17. My husband and I love brewed tea.

  18. laurie nykaza says:

    i love to make tea eveyday and so does my daughter too

  19. Both of my sons and I love tea since we stopped drinking soda!

  20. I’m the big tea drinker in our house!

  21. All of us in the family do.

  22. i have always been a tea drinker, no coffee for me. hot tea in the morning & iced tea the rest of the day.

  23. Amber Mejia says:

    I am the tea drinker, I drink it from the time I get up until going to bed.

  24. Both my boyfriend & I love drinking all kinds of teas!

  25. OId School/New School Mom says:

    Me! I love tea. I hope I win!

  26. I do!!

  27. My husband and I both love it!

  28. I am the one who loves loose leaf tea.

  29. Barbara Bradford says:

    I am the tea drinker in this family and would like to try more loose leaf teas.

  30. Patricia Mohl says:

    Me and my youngest daughter love tea

  31. Nicole Flynn says:

    Tea is so much healthier than sodas.

  32. I do!!

  33. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    I enjoy tea from time to time – but both my Honey/Hubby and my 91(!) year old Mom are both devout tea drinkers! My Mom especially is a true tea connossieur (sp?) !

  34. We all do!

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